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Judy, the owner of Great Canadian Yards is a garden specialist who helps families have beautiful, low maintenance gardens.  She offers custom yard improvement solutions that fit your family’s budget.  You might want to try growing some of her heirloom vegetable and flower seeds.  Call Judy today to schedule your free 1 hour consultation.  You’ll enjoy improving your yard and garden when you are working with someone that you’re comfortable with and can trust.  GCY serves Brampton, Mississauga, Georgetown, Caledon, Orangeville, Erin and surrounding areas.

Landscaping Services

Our Landscaping Services

Great Canadian Yards is reliable, affordable and expert at what we do. We will provide the services you need whether large or small. Try something new for your lawn and garden today!

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Garden Design / Planning

We use special landscape design software to help us in the development of a plan for your yard that is suited to the pleasure and lifestyle of your family.

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Cottage Season

Take your vacation or go to the cottage and you can feel confident that your yard at home will be well looked after and well maintained while you are away on your holiday.

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Yard Maintenance

Ask us about helping with any yard work, yard maintenance or odd jobs around the yard that you need or would like help with or just don’t have time to get to.

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Great Canadian Yards is a reliable, affordable and expert local landscaping company that will help you maintain and improve your yard and garden each spring, summer and fall.

We offer a large range of lawn and garden services from which you select as much or as little as you need. Our services include:

Single Service Visits       Seasonal Packages       Vacation / Cottage Season       Yard Coverage       Increase Curb Appeal When Selling Your Home